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Control Music, Visual, and Lights by Your Motion

AirDJ is a palm sized wearable MIDI controller.
AirDJ lets you control music, visual, and lights simply by your motion. 
Create a new style of entertainment with AirDJ.


Here is a few example of what you can do with AirDJ midi controller. If you want to mix a music, you can do so by holding the device with twisting motion. The visual and lights rotates according to the velocity of your movement.

With our software, you can use any of your favorite software that uses MIDI.

*Current features will be updated in the future.



Mix music, control FX, and manipulate lights/visual simultaneously by motion.AirDJ lets you perform the way never seen before.

Stage Performance

With AirDJ, sound, visual, and lights will be beautifully coordinated with performer’s movements.A whole new style of performance awaits us.

AirDJ at SXSW 2018

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Date: March 11-14, 2018
Booth #: 1328
Location: Trade Show Exhibit Hall, Austin Convention Center
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